The Free USAP Health Card

Save Thousands On Everyday Medical Expenses.
No, We're Not Kidding.

The Free USAP Health Card

How It Works

We've worked out preferred rates with our network of healthcare service providers so that you can enjoy from 10% to 85% off on everything from prescription drugs to hearing care.

What Is It?

Our new USAP Health Card is without a doubt the best free discount health card on the market, designed to save you thousands of dollars on your medical expenses.

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Save On Practically Everything

Signing up for the USAP Health Card means you'll have access to incredible member-only savings on your healthcare expenses. As if saving hundreds of dollars each month wasn't exciting enough, the USAP Health Card is absolutely, totally and 100% free.

This Free Health Card can save you money on the prescription drugs, vitamins and supplements you use each day.

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Your Free USAP Health Card Lets You Save On

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The Proof is in the Pudding

Our members love to use their USAP Health Card because they get real savings on the medical purchases they make each month.

Members that use our Health Card save almost $43* each month on their medical expenses for a yearly savings of $508. It may sound too good to be true but it isn't -- our savings are real, and, best of all, provided at no cost to you.

*Based on actual savings received by members who used their card between January – April 2013.
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Free USAP Health Card

Save On Medical Expenses

Our Card Saves You On

Whether you want to save on prescription medication or diabetic testing supplies our 100% Free USAP Health Card is the best way to save on all your medical expenses.

No Strings Attached

This card is a free gift from USAdvantage Plans that provides real savings for our members. We offer this is a way to introduce people to our product and our mission of helping people saving money.

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